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Welcome Songs

I will be playing a solo set on the Welcome Songs music stage at the Paralympic Flame Festival in Aylesbury. The show starts at 17:55 on Tuesday 28th August and showcases Welcome Songs, performed by Eliza Carthy, I Fagiolini and a number of disabled musicians using assistive technology.

UK’s top folk artist Eliza Carthy, and Robert Hollingworth, with internationally renowned solo-voice ensemble I Fagiolini, will lead communities across the country in performing celebratory Welcome Songs.

Bedded in English traditional music, the Welcome Songs form a suite that has been arranged for choral voices by Eliza and Roderick Williams. Choirs will come together in the four locations to perform the songs, joining Eliza Carthy and her Band, Robert Hollingworth and I Fagiolini on stage. The songs are intended to be played together as an extended suite, which forms a narrative which links to the values and themes of the Olympic and Paralympic games, encapsulating war, love, loss, rising up against adversity, parting and reunion.

The Welcome Songs Music Stage also includes:

I Fagiolini
Ally Craig (that’s me)
Eliza Carthy and the Fiddle Girls – Bella Hardy, Lucy Farrell and Kate Young

For more information, visit the Welcome Songs site or Welcome Songs on facebook.


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