Bug Prentice

'The Way It Crumbles' - debut album out 23 November 2015. Pre-order now from http://bugprentice.bandcamp.com

The Way It Crumbles – our debut album is out on 23 November 2015. Pre-order now from bandcamp

So you want to hear what this Bug Prentice thing is all about? Well sir or madman, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got free music, not-so-free music, vinyl records, and the odd video. That’s entertainment!

Bug Prentice sampler

Bandcamp — Bug Prentice music downloads (and some of Ally’s old 7″ vinyl)

Other links:
SoundCloud – Bug Prentice streaming music
Youtube – Bug Prentice and Ally solo videos
@mr_craig – Ally on twitter
Ally Craig on SoundCloud – Ally’s solo recordings


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