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Backwards on the Radio
January 24, 2011, 10:27 am
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Recently we have received some strange comments about our music. While we do have a soft spot for unusual time signatures and dissonant chords, I don’t consider Bug Prentice especially “difficult.” So I was surprised when Stephen McCleod wrote that we “walk the line between genius and disaster” in his recent ArtRocker review of Nicholas Ray.

On Saturday evening, that very track was featured on BBC Oxford Introducing, as one of their Highlights of the Uploader. Once again we were accused of rampant experimentalism, with Sam King suggesting, “with a bit more structure and perhaps a little less experimentation, it could be a bit more easy to listen to.”

And then I heard the music they were discussing.

It was backwards.

Yes, I had accidentally uploaded a reversed version of the song, having made one in a moment of idle curiosity. After tweeting of my embarrassment, BBC Oxford Introducing presenter Dave Gilyeat was kind enough to reassure me that “a Bug Prentice track played backwards is better than over half the stuff we get sent.” He also agreed to play Nicholas Ray forwards on next week’s show.

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Not Yet:
A new rough demo, which will eventually become a Bug Prentice track.