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Nicholas Ray (live)
February 6, 2012, 2:46 pm
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The Tim Smith benefit at Windmill Brixton was a rousing success, raising over £1300 for the Cardiacs leader’s care and recovery. It was also one of the best sets we’ve ever played, and one of the most appreciative crowds, so all in all it was a great night. This is a recorded approximation of what we sounded like:


Loyal Companion Sold Out
February 22, 2011, 4:41 pm
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The limited edition Leader of the Starry Skies – A Loyal Companion is now sold out. For those who were too slow to pick up a copy, you can now hear the Bug Prentice contribution right here:

Bug Prentice – My Trademark

The main album, Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith: Songbook 1, is now on its second pressing and still very much available. A double-LP on 180g vinyl is up for pre-order now, and will be released on April 18th. Steven Wilson and Oceansize will also release their contributions as a double A-sided single for this year’s Record Store Day.

Proceeds from all of these sales go towards Cardiacs frontman Tim Smith, who suffered a severe stroke in 2008. His care has already been greatly improved by the money raised. Long may it continue.

Leader of the Starry Skies tracklist announced
October 28, 2010, 10:42 pm
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The tracklist has been finalised for Leader of the Starry Skies — A Tribute to Tim Smith. All the money goes to a good cause. And if that wasn’t reason enough to buy it, Bug Prentice is featured on the bonus disc available ONLY with pre-orders. So pre-order it, yeah?

Leader of the Starry Skies — A Tribute to Tim Smith
Songbook One:

    1. Savour ~ William D. Drake
    2. Big Ship ~ Ultrasound
    3. Fear ~ Oceansize
    4. Let Alone My Plastic Doll ~ Mark Cawthra
    5. Day is Gone ~ The Trudy
    6. Foundling ~ Stars In Battledress
    7. Will Bleed Amen ~ Max Tundra featuring Sarah Measures
    8. Shaping the River ~ Julianne Regan
    9. The Stench of Honey ~ Knifeworld
    10. A Little Man and a House ~ The Magic Numbers
    11. Is This The Life? ~ mikrokosmos
    12. March ~ North Sea Radio Orchestra
    13. Lillywhite’s Party ~ Robert White featuring Andy Partridge
    14. Wind and Rains is Cold ~ Rose Kemp vs Rarg
    15. Up In Annie’s Room ~ Katharine Blake
    16. Stoneage Dinosaurs ~ Steven Wilson
    17. Home of Fadeless Splendour ~ The Scaramanga Six

      Leader of the Starry Skies — A Tribute to Tim Smith
      A Loyal Companion

      Exclusive LIMITED EDITION sister album ~ available ONLY with pre-orders.

        1. Spell with a Shell ~ Silvery
        2. Arnald ~ Eureka Machines
        3. Gloomy News ~ The Gasman
        4. My Trademark ~ Bug Prentice
        5. Victory Egg ~ Sidi Bou Said
        6. To Go Off and Things ~ Panixphere
        7. I Hold My Love In My Arms ~ Local Girls
        8. Dirty Boy ~ Sterbus
        9. Tree Tops High ~ Jason Pegg
        10. Everything is Easy ~ The Scaramanga Six
        11. Joining the Plankton ~ a/c woods
        12. Dead Mouse ~ Spiritwo
        13. All Spectacular ~ Agency
        14. Nurses Whispering Verses ~ Idiot Box

          Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith

          Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith will be released on December 6th. You can pre-order it from The Genepool now. Your impatience shall be rewarded. See below:

          This is not just a tribute album. It is an endeavour borne of love.

          Tim Smith composer, principal songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of Cardiacs and other seminal music projects suffered a severe stroke in 2008. Two years on he continues to be treated in hospital. All profits from this album will go towards a fund to help get Tim home. The artists appearing have generously given their time and creativity freely. This is a testament to the love we all have for Tim.

          Featuring ~ William D Drake, Oceansize, Steven Wilson, Julianne Reagan, Ultrasound, Knifeworld, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Robert White and Andy Partridge plus many more….

          Your pre-order will entitle you to download a free, exclusive album of Tim’s songs covered by friends and family. This extra album will ONLY be available to pre-orders.

          So scrape together a few pennies, get yourself some ace tunes and show some love for Tim. And what’s more, a certain beloved Oxford/London trio may even have scrabbled together to contribute something…