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Loyal Companion Sold Out
February 22, 2011, 4:41 pm
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The limited edition Leader of the Starry Skies – A Loyal Companion is now sold out. For those who were too slow to pick up a copy, you can now hear the Bug Prentice contribution right here:

Bug Prentice – My Trademark

The main album, Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith: Songbook 1, is now on its second pressing and still very much available. A double-LP on 180g vinyl is up for pre-order now, and will be released on April 18th. Steven Wilson and Oceansize will also release their contributions as a double A-sided single for this year’s Record Store Day.

Proceeds from all of these sales go towards Cardiacs frontman Tim Smith, who suffered a severe stroke in 2008. His care has already been greatly improved by the money raised. Long may it continue.


Leader of the Starry Skies tracklist announced
October 28, 2010, 10:42 pm
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The tracklist has been finalised for Leader of the Starry Skies — A Tribute to Tim Smith. All the money goes to a good cause. And if that wasn’t reason enough to buy it, Bug Prentice is featured on the bonus disc available ONLY with pre-orders. So pre-order it, yeah?

Leader of the Starry Skies — A Tribute to Tim Smith
Songbook One:

    1. Savour ~ William D. Drake
    2. Big Ship ~ Ultrasound
    3. Fear ~ Oceansize
    4. Let Alone My Plastic Doll ~ Mark Cawthra
    5. Day is Gone ~ The Trudy
    6. Foundling ~ Stars In Battledress
    7. Will Bleed Amen ~ Max Tundra featuring Sarah Measures
    8. Shaping the River ~ Julianne Regan
    9. The Stench of Honey ~ Knifeworld
    10. A Little Man and a House ~ The Magic Numbers
    11. Is This The Life? ~ mikrokosmos
    12. March ~ North Sea Radio Orchestra
    13. Lillywhite’s Party ~ Robert White featuring Andy Partridge
    14. Wind and Rains is Cold ~ Rose Kemp vs Rarg
    15. Up In Annie’s Room ~ Katharine Blake
    16. Stoneage Dinosaurs ~ Steven Wilson
    17. Home of Fadeless Splendour ~ The Scaramanga Six

      Leader of the Starry Skies — A Tribute to Tim Smith
      A Loyal Companion

      Exclusive LIMITED EDITION sister album ~ available ONLY with pre-orders.

        1. Spell with a Shell ~ Silvery
        2. Arnald ~ Eureka Machines
        3. Gloomy News ~ The Gasman
        4. My Trademark ~ Bug Prentice
        5. Victory Egg ~ Sidi Bou Said
        6. To Go Off and Things ~ Panixphere
        7. I Hold My Love In My Arms ~ Local Girls
        8. Dirty Boy ~ Sterbus
        9. Tree Tops High ~ Jason Pegg
        10. Everything is Easy ~ The Scaramanga Six
        11. Joining the Plankton ~ a/c woods
        12. Dead Mouse ~ Spiritwo
        13. All Spectacular ~ Agency
        14. Nurses Whispering Verses ~ Idiot Box