Bug Prentice

Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith

Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith will be released on December 6th. You can pre-order it from The Genepool now. Your impatience shall be rewarded. See below:

This is not just a tribute album. It is an endeavour borne of love.

Tim Smith composer, principal songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of Cardiacs and other seminal music projects suffered a severe stroke in 2008. Two years on he continues to be treated in hospital. All profits from this album will go towards a fund to help get Tim home. The artists appearing have generously given their time and creativity freely. This is a testament to the love we all have for Tim.

Featuring ~ William D Drake, Oceansize, Steven Wilson, Julianne Reagan, Ultrasound, Knifeworld, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Robert White and Andy Partridge plus many more….

Your pre-order will entitle you to download a free, exclusive album of Tim’s songs covered by friends and family. This extra album will ONLY be available to pre-orders.

So scrape together a few pennies, get yourself some ace tunes and show some love for Tim. And what’s more, a certain beloved Oxford/London trio may even have scrabbled together to contribute something…