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Vortex videos

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Vortex to see us and Big Cat on Saturday. We had a great time, and the audience was lovely and fluffy and wonderful.

I was able to capture some video footage of the set. Here it is, you lucky people.

Not Yet:

A Train then a Train then a Train:


Get What You Pays For: the Music Video

I have put together a no-budget, complete nonsense video for Get What You Pays For. It features some footage of Pippin, the cat from the single artwork. And lots of creepy looping. I must admit, it’s mainly an excuse to put something on youtube.

Video Blog
May 6, 2008, 10:38 am
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I tried to do a video blog, but I had nothing to say. Instead, I resorted to playing a rough estimate of a new song. Continue reading